Interactive Media Consultants

Welcome to the web site of Interactive Media Consultants (IMC UK).

About us
IMC UK is a niche consultancy with an established track record of working on multi-media systems and main stream corporate computing projects.

We work for a diverse range of clients both large and small, including blue chip multi-nationals, government departments, and SMEs, offering remote and on-site support.

Twenty years ago we started looking at the idea of the convergence of television and computing. At the time it was considered a farfetched 'Sci-Fi' idea, but is now commonplace.  We even wrote the (first) book about it.  See publications.

What we do

  • We provide consultancy solutions which demonstrate how technology and business can work together to generate (and maximise?) revenue.
  • We design and install computer systems and networks (LANS & WANS) for organisations of all sizes, including one man start-ups.
  • We supply remote support for networks and systems in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

Please see our ‘Clients’ section for information about some of our previous projects.

To see what we've done and to get an idea of what we are capable of doing have a browse around our web site - the menu on the right hand of this page looks simple but contains hundreds of sub items!

For more details or an informal chat please contact us.