Disk cover making software

We produce a large number of CD and DVD disks both for ourselves and our clients. Usually these contain software 'tool kits' of utilities and scripts or disk images for backup purposes.

Generally we burn the data onto printable disks and then run them through an Epson printer to give a professional finish. And then we put them into a 7mm thin style plastic DVD case and print an A4 paper sleeve to finish it all off.

But what software to use to make the sleeve?

Over the years we've tried all sorts of commercial as well as free software but a few years ago we stumbled across Kronen Design, a software house in Berlin who make a first class free software tool - that just works.

The tool is stable, fast to learn and fast to use. It's available in a free version or for an extra 5 Euro, a 'Pro' version with some extra features, but for many users the basic version will do fine.

Highly recommended and available from http://www.kronen-design.de/kdcom/index.html.